Its the 10th year of Prophet-hood, just after those 3 extremely hard and long years of muslim boycott that has finally been lifted. A sign of victory, a sigh of relief (better than before) and a hope of the situation getting better. But that was not to be the case. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, in that very same year, had to face the death of his beloved wife, Khadijah (Radi Allahu `anha – May Allah be pleased with her) and his uncle, Abu Talib. For  Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Khadija R.A was the internal source of support, being there for him at every step, while Abu Talib was the external source of support. Furthermore, the people of Quraish stepped-up their abuse towards muslims.

While listening to the lecture, a minor yet an important point was raised: Why he had to suffer? Why he had to loose both of them while the message of Islam was not even finished?

It is for us to understand that our ultimate reliance must be with Allah, and He is the one to give success. Even, if Abu Talib or Khadijah R.A was alive till Prophet Muhammad ﷺ succeeded in what was given to him, people would surely have said that it was because of Abu Talib’s or Khadijah’s R.A support.


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