Alhamdulillah is all that I can say to be studying in Islamic Online University (IOU). It has been 18 months since I joined their BAIS program, and every semester has been amazing. When I enrolled here, I was a little nervous and skeptical about the system of online education. But, Alhamdulillah, my eagerness to learn won!! I will share my experiences through semesters because there are many things attached to each so here goes!!

Semester 1


For many, learning about hardware side is still difficult and students take it as a task that needs to be done and never look back at it again 😀 I was already a CS grad but still I just felt like to take it again, and learned some new stuff as well.


Difficult. Period.


It was as if I was learning Islam for the first time, yea seriously! Every lecture I was glued, no notes (I realized it was a bad idea), full screen, and just listening. Every time there was a feeling of why I didn’t know this before?
What in the world I was doing 21 years of my life?
Why was I not aware of who Allah is all this time?
At the same time I was grateful that at least now I have a chance to know, to learn, to implement, and teach others. Alhamdulillah, most of the things I was not involved in , but in those things where I was involved, I had to leave. It was one of those moments where I realized how humble and forgiving we have to be with others who are trying to know about Islam, about Allah, but struggling to leave their past. I learned that we have to encourage others in doing that is good, and help them leave what is evil. Not the habit of criticizing every wrong that one does and ignoring the good one do or he/she is trying to do.

The course made me understand why knowing Allah is so important. We don’t even know who Allah is. We don’t even care to try to know who is our Creator. When we don’t know our Creator then how can we have a relation with Him? As a consequence of our own ignorance, we either reject Him outright or choose those ways that seems pleasant to us but in reality it becomes something else.


Like Aqeedah was enlightening. To be honest, I had certain experiences when I started to learn more about Islam, before I joined BAIS, which really put me off with the attitude of some and refrained me from going to certain places and people. And as a result of not knowing their(scholars) history, the tools they used, how did they approach Fiqh, I started to have a disliking towards them and then eventually disliking the scholars whom they relate themselves to. This course changed all that! It made a proper introduction to how the base of Fiqh was laid down right from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); how the renowned scholars of Fiqh made tremendous efforts; how some scholars, whom the general Muslims don’t even know, contributed to this work which we take it for granted and how we failed to realize the true essence behind this and fell into useless disputes. Now for sure after going through this course, I had the opportunity to have a glimpse of these scholars in a proper manner, Alhamdulillah, plus their character and enormous work they have done, and now I really admire them.


I never ever ever had heard of Tajweed before. Just to even know that there is a science behind how to recite the Qur’an was astonishing. Not to mention the fact that there are 10 (yes 10!) ways of recitation. Yes, in my childhood, I read how to read the letters. Yes! I was fluent in reading(only reading not understanding first hand) Arabic. Yet, even on the first day of live sessions, I was not able to recite the Basmallah correctly. No worries, because every one in the class were making mistakes :). After some weeks, I had developed love for Tajweed, and I hope that some day Inshallah I will be able to recite it with proper Tajweed. My favourite reciter… guess guess……

Semester 2 to be continued…


27 thoughts on “Experience at Islamic Online University

  1. AOA,
    Yousuf bhai great yar .ye batao k lectures k sath notes hain?
    Ya only videos
    Mera bh bht dil chah rha hai to enhance my islamic knowledge and learn the correct DEAN ISLAM

    1. It depends on the student and on the type of the course. If you are good at some subjects, then you will go through easily Alhamdulillah. Else it will be really hard for you to do it. As a muslim, our main concern is to learn about it and implement it in our lives as well. I hope this answers your question.

  2. mashaAllah!! couldn’t have put it better myself. I pray Allah swt blesses every single person behind IOU, right from the teaching staff to the technical staff and volunteers, with the best in both worlds.
    I’m still wary of computers though..with people telling its easy and tough, all at once..I wonder how that works!? lol

  3. Assalamu alaikum…..
    the accreditaion is at Somali university and location is at Gambia & Soth africa. How did you manage to appear the exam? centers?

    1. Walaikum Salam Warahmatullah,
      Abdul Rahim, The university is all online, all you need is an internet connection and a PC. Mid-term exams, quiz, teaching, assignments are all online. Only Final exam you to give at the exam center in your city. There are many centers throughtout the world. If you dont have it in your city, then you can ask for an Islamic Institute (in your city) to provide this facility for you. 🙂 For more info visit

  4. Assalamualaikum
    Jazakallahu Khairan for this note. I am sure that the courses are really good and help you learn more but a small question though…Is the university degree recognised…in the sense that can some start teaching Islamic Studies after doing a bachelors here?

  5. Assalamu Alaikum. I am wondering if you know anyone who has done the B.Ed program offered at Islamic Online University. I have completed a diploma in Quranic Sciences and wanted to teach at Islamic Schools. Would you know if degree from IOU is accredited in Canada as well?

  6. Assalaamualaikum
    Im really interested in doing the BAIS too. I wanted to know what school of thought they follow? I myself dont follow any madhab, just the quran and sunnah. I hear Dr Bilal Phillips is Hanbali? If you dont mind me asking, do you follow a madhab? And how did you find the BAIS according to that?
    Did you finish the degree? As you only finished writing the first semester!

  7. MashaAllah, it is a beautiful journey indeed by the blessings of Allah, may Allah make it easy for us to understand, implement and spread the right and beneficial knowledge, very impressive words MashaAllah, may Allah bless u always. IOU really makes Islamic learning easy and clears many misconceptions in life, I really appreciate IOU and all the members and their attempts behind this platform, may Allah bless the righteous, Ameen!

  8. Salam alaikum.
    I was wondering if I did the bs psychology, I would be able to use that degree in the USA? Meaning would I be able to get a job in the psychology field in the USA or would it be only accepted if I wanted to work in an Islamic institute?

  9. Asalamualaiqum .. i am basically from india and right now working in saudi arab i want to take a diploma or degree course from iou but distance not on campus .. if i pass the exam shall i be able to get Saudi Ambassy attestation on my certificate for my profession or not ?

  10. Assalaamualaikum
    I would like to know if BAIS is similar to an Alim program offered by other universities such as , as the subjects looks the same? Will you consider BAIS to be an Alim course?

    1. Walaikum Salam Warahmatullah,
      I couldn’t their details for what they teach in their aalim course. However, BAIS does cover some courses that are not found anywhere in an aalim course. e.g Islamic Management & Islamic Psychology

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