Clash of Civilization
Clash of Civilization

The reason I chose this book was to find out how the Muslims scholars deal with the clash of civilization. Western culture has influenced almost all of the societies including muslims and there is a common dillemma among the youth, where they are in constantly struggling with their own identity. There are lots of questions and misconception which are not thoroughly addressed in a fashion where, as a muslim, one is confident with his own muslim identity and at the same time working towards the progress of the community and the world.

The title of the book is taken from Smauel P. Huntington’s book , “The Clash of the Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” and the author, Dr. Bilal Philips, presents an Islamic view on this.

This book is interesting to read as the author does a brilliant effort to establish a difference between Cultural Islam and Islamic Culture. He also goes through the reasons and history of how the muslims adopted religious practices of other religions and civilizations, which contradict the true teachings of Islam, but through the years were mixed and now a cultural muslim is unable to distinguish between the two.

The enlightening section, for me, of the book is the last section where Dr. Philips presents the Islamic Culture by explaining the five pillars of Islam and six pillars of faith. Why I love this part of the book is beacause, he explains each pillar as it is and the presents how that pillar is looked from Cultural Islam’s or Cultural Muslims’ point of view. This cleared many of my misconceptions as well and I had a better understanding of what each pillar helps in building up one’s character and identity.

The book ended abruptly after explaining the pillars. I would have liked a concluding section where I could find the history or mention of when Islamic Civiliation was at its peak and what are the practical steps that will motivate evey inidividual to work and reach that position.

Overall, it exceeded my expectations and what I was looking for. I really enjoyed it and I would say it is a “Must Have” book for every muslim family.


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