Book Review: Clash of Civilisations By Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

FeaturedBook Review: Clash of Civilisations By Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Clash of Civilization
Clash of Civilization

The reason I chose this book was to find out how the Muslims scholars deal with the clash of civilization. Western culture has influenced almost all of the societies including muslims and there is a common dillemma among the youth, where they are in constantly struggling with their own identity. There are lots of questions and misconception which are not thoroughly addressed in a fashion where, as a muslim, one is confident with his own muslim identity and at the same time working towards the progress of the community and the world.

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Point Blank: Interview with Raja Zia ul Haq

Point Blank: Interview with Raja Zia ul Haq

Youth Club Blog


Youth Club Blog presents to you some very candid Q & A with our CEO Raja Zia ul Haq. These questions were asked at the WOC 2014 event ‘Around the Bonfire’. Raja Zia ul Haq talks about his relationship with his car, his family and his wife, and his inspiration behind the popular workshops ‘Lovestruck’ and ‘Qabool Hai’.

YOUTH CLUB: A lot of us have seen the video about the change in your lifestyle (  Sky diving, theatre, partying, fancy cars- it seems you had it all. Do you sometimes miss the lifestyle that you left behind? Don’t you ever feel tempted to go back?

RAJA ZIA UL HAQ: I don’t miss the bad bits but I do miss my car. I really, really, really miss my car. I had a Dodge-Charger, an American Muscle car and I lost it in an accident. She was my…

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Community Matters by Shaikh Yaser Birjas

Community Matters by Shaikh Yaser Birjas

Live Deen had it’s last event on 2nd June 2013. This time the speaker was Shaikh Yaser Birjas. In my view the topic was very relevant to the situation we have in our communities today, so I was really glad that this topic was discussed.

What I really love about the speakers is that they are really passionate about teaching the people about Islam. Though the event starts early for us, for them its very late 12am + yet they would stay up and give their talks for more than 3 hours with question and answers session, but you wont find them looking sleeping or loosing track of what they said.

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Experience at Islamic Online University

FeaturedExperience at Islamic Online University

Alhamdulillah is all that I can say to be studying in Islamic Online University (IOU). It has been 18 months since I joined their BAIS program, and every semester has been amazing. When I enrolled here, I was a little nervous and skeptical about the system of online education. But, Alhamdulillah, my eagerness to learn won!! I will share my experiences through semesters because there are many things attached to each so here goes!!

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Ramadhan Scriptual vs Cultural and IOU

Ramadhan Scriptual vs Cultural and IOU

On August 14, 2011, LiveDeen conducted a lectureshop at Marriot Hotel, Karachi, with their main lecture by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips, followed by a Q&A session, on the topic “Ramadhan Scriptual vs Cultural”. I felt that the topic was wisely chosen because we are too much driven and defined by the traditional/cultural perspective of fasting and ignore its true essence.


The first thing he cleared up was the mind set of fasting. It’s not just a ritual where you turn on your fasting mode when Ramadan comes and switch it off when it ends, but that it is also a mind set that we should continue that spirit of God-consciousness through out the year.

He also pointed out to look at the goal of fasting. Often, we go so deep into the details that we loose sight of the bigger picture. We are always stuck “fasting is to abstain oneself from food, drink and sexual relations between spouses”. That is true but the goal that we must try to understand is that while fasting in Ramadan if we are willing to give up things that are made Halal(allowed) for the rest of the year, only for the sake of Allah, then it should be easier for us to avoid the Haram (forbidden).

The topic though was very vast, he only elaborated on only one part of it, i.e. “Ramadan is about fasting NOT feasting”. He explained that our primary focus (in many countries) is on feasting not fasting. How can that be? Because there are special dishes that are only made in Ramadan! And this is prevalent in every Muslim community. It reminded me of P-heni made specially in Ramadan and those Suhoor and Iftaar deals on almost all restaurants specially “All you can eat” deals. Nowadays, people (in general) “live to eat” instead of “eat to live”. That is further supported by WHO’s survey which stated that,

 Overweight and obesity are linked to more deaths worldwide than underweight. For example, 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than underweight (this includes all high-income and most middle-income countries).1

“Cultural fast is like an animal fast”, he said. “Animals feast till they are full”, and same is true for us. Our test starts at Suhoor where instead of taking a light meal, we start off with a 3 meal course! The process of digesting takes around 12 hours and our stomach is just about to end its process, when we break fast and fill it up once again. This process continues the whole month. And people rather of losing weight in Ramadan, gain more weight! The purpose of fasting is already defeated!

Towards the end, he reminded to take Ramadan as a vehicle to Paradise and stressed that it can only be done if we “drive it the way Prophet(SAW) taught in Sunnah”.

IOU Promotion

Alhamdulillah, Islamic Online University was also promoted by the Shaykh himself, and by the volunteers present. Here are some photos:

You can get more information about upcoming seminars by LiveDeen here.

For more informarion about Islamic Online Univeristy please visit


  1. “Obesity and overweight”, [online] Available at :

Lesson from the Seerah: Year of Grief

Lesson from the Seerah: Year of Grief

Its the 10th year of Prophet-hood, just after those 3 extremely hard and long years of muslim boycott that has finally been lifted. A sign of victory, a sigh of relief (better than before) and a hope of the situation getting better. But that was not to be the case. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, in that very same year, had to face the death of his beloved wife, Khadijah (Radi Allahu `anha – May Allah be pleased with her) and his uncle, Abu Talib. For  Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Khadija R.A was the internal source of support, being there for him at every step, while Abu Talib was the external source of support. Furthermore, the people of Quraish stepped-up their abuse towards muslims.

While listening to the lecture, a minor yet an important point was raised: Why he had to suffer? Why he had to loose both of them while the message of Islam was not even finished?

It is for us to understand that our ultimate reliance must be with Allah, and He is the one to give success. Even, if Abu Talib or Khadijah R.A was alive till Prophet Muhammad ﷺ succeeded in what was given to him, people would surely have said that it was because of Abu Talib’s or Khadijah’s R.A support.

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

At last, I have decided to start my own blog. It took me more than 6 months to decide whether I should start my own blog or not. But i have started this for good reasons. Insha’Allah (God willing), this is a start of good things to come in the near future.


I am going for an all-rounder kind of blog where I will be posting about:

  • Notes from courses that I’m taking (Islamic Studies)
  • Technology (which technology I’m working at and other stuff)

So, that’s it for now.

Peace be on you!